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You can email me at with any questions, if you would like a quote in an email, please right click on the picture and put it into your email to me so I will be sure we are talking about the same piece of jewelry. If the setting is in stock, it will go out right away, if not, it will take 7-10 days. Feel free to call me at  802 893 2987 from 10am-10pm eastern standard time with any questions.

This gem is created from the chemical composition of rock from the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Superb color, cut, clarity and luster. These Mt.St.Helens emeralds were made from fused Volcanic Rock gathered after the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helen. Experts have indicated that the material ejected came from 10 - 20 miles below the earth's surface. All jewelry is dependent on gem and setting availability, as in the rest of my site, there is no check out for this page, as I like the personal connection with my customers to make them the EXACT jewelry that they want. Most of these rings are in the 35.00-75.00 dollar range plus shipping, in sterling silver and can also be created in yellow or white gold. Contact me,, for exact price quotes.

Please check the caption for the size that the ring comes in and if that is not the size you need THEY CAN BE SIZED FOR AN ADDITIONAL 15.00.

When emailing me about a piece of jewelry, please refer to the order number over the top of the piece.

Mt St Helens Gemstones- Many of the gemstones you see in the jewelry can be bought seperately. Email me from this website for a price. The gems available are 14x10 emerald cut, 10x8 emerald cut, 12x10 oval cut, 10x8 oval cut, 8x6 oval cut. I can match pairs or multiples if you are interested.

Mt St Helens 3 gem ring-10x8w2-8x6oval sz 8 (sizeable to 7, 9, 10) approx 5.10total carat weight-45.00 without sizing, with sizing 57.00

ALL THE RINGS BELOW ARE THE SAME PRICE AS THE MT ST HELENS 3 GEM RING-the first one is the mt st helens gem ring. The one below that is the 3 gem mt st helens and natural mosaic opal ring. The one below that is the mt st helens with black-lab opal. The very last one in this row is mt st helens with blue-lab opal. Email me with any questions about these rings at

Mt St Helens Bracelet- 8x6 ovals in a chain station bracelet, available in almost any size as I custom make them, email me for price with the size you need, looks best if worn pretty tight to wrist so it cant flip over. Much nicer in person! These start at 85.00 in a size 5 wrist and go up 10.00 per inch after that up to whatever size you want.

MTSTHEL-bracelet-2-8x6 ovals in a bracelet that fits size 6-7 wrist=85.00

Another view of same bracelet

MTSTHEL-Oval Rhodolite Trillion, available in size 7, sizeable to 6,8,9. Center gem is 8x6 oval with 2-5mm rhodolites. Approx 3cts. in size 7 -25.50, with sizing 36.50

MtSt8x6earrings with French wires-8x6 ovals=28.50, 10x8 ovals=31.50

MTSTHEL-Emerald Diamond Topaz Ring with 2-3mm white topaz, 2.50cts, available in size 7 (24.50), sizeable to 6, 8, 9-(35.50)

MTSTHEL-Oval Diamond Topaz Trillion size 7 (30.00)(sizeable to 5, 6, 8, 9) (with sizing 43.00)

MTSTHEL-Emerald Offset Ring sz 7 avail (25.00) (sizeable to 6, 8, 9)2.50cts(37.00)

MTSTHEL-12x10Mens Claw Style avail sz 9 & 10 (sizeable to 14 for fee) approx 5.23cts 55.00 without sizing fee, it can be sized up to whatever size you need for 12.00

MTSTHEL-Mens Texture Ring size 10--40.00 (sizeable to 14) 2.50cts--52.00

MTSTHEL-Diamond Topaz Ring with 2.2mm acc 10x8, 2.5cts, avail 5,6,7,8--- 27.00 or 12x10 avail 5, 6, 7, 8--35.00

MTST 10X8 Leverback Earrings, 5cts=33.50

MTSTHEL-Emerald Dia Tpz East/West Trillion Ring, size 7, 30.00 (sizeable to 6, 8, 9) 2.50cts with sizing 42.00

MtSt10x8emeraldfw-same as above with french wires=31.75

MTSTHEL-Emerald Solitaire 10x8, 2.50cts (size 5-6-7-8)--30.00 12x10 sol (sz 5,6,7,8,) 35.50 or 14x10, 6.23cts, (size 6,7,8,9) 45.50---all other sizes add 12.00

MTSTHEL-Tie Tack-10x8 emerald cut-25.00

Mt St Helens 10x8 Emerald cut Solitaire Earrings=29.00

MTSTHEL-Mens Emerald Claw Ring, size 10,(55.50) sizeable to 9,11,12. 2.50cts (67.50)

MTST 10X8 Dia Tpz Stud Post Earrings=29.00

Mt St Helens 10x8 Emerald Pendant (23.50) This can be done in 14x10 also(33.00)both come with chains

MTST 10X8 Emerald Cut Dia Tpz Pendant with chain-23.50

Mt St Helens 8x6 stud w/white tpz accent=24.50

Mt St Helens Mens 8x6 Free Form, available in size 9,10,11,=45.00

Mt St Helens 8x6 stud posts=21.50

Mt St Helens Oval 8x6 Pendant w/Diamond Tpz acc with a chain=25.50

Mt St Hel 12x10 oval with 2-3mm white topaz or czs, 5.30cts, available in size 5,6,7,8 = 35.00 and an be sized to a 9 or 10 (47.00). Also available in 10x8 oval with 2-3mm accents, in sizes 5,6,7,8.= 30.50

Mt St Helens 8x6 Diamond Tpz French Wire Earrings=29.50

Mt St Helens 8x6 oval Pedestal Pendant comes with 18" sterling silver chain=25.50, availabe in 10x8 oval=29.50

Mtst14x10ARROWbandEMERALD CUT, 14x10, 6.23ts, available in size 7,=54.00 sizeable to 8, 9. =66.00

Mt St Helens 8x6 Step Heart Ring, 1.30cts, available in size 7 ==26.50 (sizeable to 6, 8, 9)=38.50

Mt St Helens Engraved Band available in 12x10 sz 7 (approx 5.30ts)= 37.50, in size 6, 8, 9=49.50, 10x8 (approx 2.50cts sz 7= 30.50), 8x6 (1.30cts), size 7. (29.50) (sizeable to 6, 8, 9) add 12.00 for sizing

Mtst14x10Regalle, emerald cut, 6.23cts, available in size 7,=50.00 (sizeable to 8, 9)=62.00 Also available in 10x8, 2.50cts, size 7= 35.00 sizeable to 8, 9.=47.00

Mt St Hel 12x10 oval solitaire, 5.30cts, available in size 5,6,7,8,9. (35.00) Also available in 10x8, 2.50ct, oval in size 5,6,7,8. (30.00) Also available in 8x6, 1.30ct, sizes 5,6,7,8. (27.00)  all are sizeable to any size for 12.00 more.

mens mt st helens ROYAL, 12x10, 5.30cts, size 10=65.00, sizes 9, 11, 12 =72.00

Mt St Helens 12x10 pendant w/white topaz or cz accent =32.50, also available in 10x8 oval=30.50, all come with 18" sterling silver chains.

Mtst helens, 8x6, 1.30cts, with 2-2 accents. Available in size 5-6-7-8(28.00) and can be sized to 9, 10. (40.00)

Mt St Helens Filligree 12x10 sz 7=35.00 sizeable to 6 8 9 10=47.00

Emerald cuts in 14x10 (approx 7 cts = 22.50) or 10x8 (approx 2.50cts)= 12.50 both are a mint/emerald green.

Gemstone only Oval cuts available in 12x10 approx 6cts =19.95, 10x8 approx 2.50cts = 18.00 and 8x6 approx 1.25 cts=11.00

Mt St Helens Emerald Pendant with Diamond Topaz accent-12x10 (approx 4.5cts)= 35.00 or Mt St Helens 14x10 with same accents =45.00 both come with 18" sterling silver chain.

Mt St Helens Basket Pendant-comes with 14x10 emerald cut gem only, big beautiful presence. 45.00

Mt St Helens Hug Ring-comes in 12x10 gem sz 7=35.00 sizeable to 6 8 9=47.00.

Mens 10kt GOLD Text Ring-10x8 Mt St Helens


Mt St helens 14x10 emerald cut with 18 diamond topaz accents, BIG beautiful ringsize 7   95.00   size down to a 6 or up to a 10.....110.00 

Mt St Helens 14kt GOLD-3 gem ring 2 views-center gem 10x8-side gems 8x6

MTSTHEL-Oval 8x6 Earrings--29.00

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